5 Days of Gratitude Giveaways: Day 2

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Today I am grateful for a healthy body and the ability to exercise–to run, jump, and move! Our bodies are amazing, do incredible things, and I’m grateful to have a healthy one.  
I grew up playing a variety of sports, doing ballet, jazz and tap.  I played sports through high school and was fortunate to play volleyball in college. For the last seven years I’ve been an avid runner (or at least trying to be).  One thing I’ve always tried not to take for granted is the strength, health, and ability of my body that has allowed me to do these things.  
I love waking up at the crack of dawn {bundling up now that its freeeeezing!!} and going for a run, it’s the best way for me to start my day.  It’s  just as emotionally healthy for me as it is physically. And let’s be honest…there’s a lot of cookie consumption going on over here….I’ve got to work it off:) 

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  1. I love to run!

  2. I love to play any sport, run, and do interval workouts at home.

  3. I like to run and do yoga for exercise. I think chasing my 3 year old and 17 month old twins counts for good exercise too! :)

    Beth W

  4. Running, pilates, or the occasional insanity!

  5. I love walking for exercise.

    erinb1 at aol dot com

  6. Thanks for the chances to win!

  7. I like to run around in the yard, playing with my nieces and nephews. They have so much energy, it’s easy to get a great workout!!

  8. I run and really need new running shoes!

  9. Yeah! Pick me. I need some cold weather gear for those darn early morning runs. :)

  10. I’ve been doing Jillian Micheal’s 30 day shread at home and its amazing. 20 minutes a day and the hardest workout EVERRRRR. But I feel great afterwards!!

  11. I love running!

  12. I love to walk and also do low impact aerobics.

  13. Can’t go wrong with Nike.

  14. I love running on my treadmill and doing Just Dance 3 on the Wii for exercise!

  15. Running is my go-to for exercise too! I also love yoga and Physique 57.

  16. Running is my go-to for exercise too! I also love yoga and Physique 57. When my baby boy lets me have a chance to work out :-)

  17. I walk.

  18. I love the elliptical!

  19. I love the gratitude for health! It’s so great to be thankful for a healthy body, not everyone is as fortunate! I am grateful for my health and ability to exercise too, and I would love to get some new Nike gear to make this a little easier. Thanks for the giveaway and the reminder to be thankful for all we have!

  20. Running for exercise or running from exercise.

  21. Running for exercise or running from exercise!

  22. I enjoy running, but I’m trying to get involved in some aerobics for the winter, since I hate treadmills.

  23. I love to walk, I really need to learn to run. I also love cycling classes too.

  24. I like to walk.

  25. I’m just getting into the exercise routine and have been using a treadmill that has different programs. Working daily on better habits…one day at a time!

  26. I agree waking up early is the best way to run, however I have a hard time when it is cold. any tips?

  27. I love to take classes at the gym!!

  28. I love taking classes at the gym and having someone else motivate me!

  29. I love taking classes at the gym and having someone else motivate me!

  30. I work out on the stairmaster while I’m reading books.

  31. Nice giveaway! Running makes me so much happier than any other form of exercise! :)

  32. I love running and Zumba

  33. Walk!

  34. Walk!

  35. BETH TITZER says:

    Running all the way!! :-)

  36. I don’t feel the same if I don’t start my day with a run. Don’t get me wrong I love sleeping in, but there is just something about getting out and moving in the morning that makes me feel so awake!

  37. Walking, running, body pump classes

  38. I love all Nike products!

  39. I love all Nike products!

  40. i love running – it is definitely cheaper then therapy! Always puts me in a good mood!

  41. I go to the gym with my friend

  42. I like running with some weight workouts mixed in!

  43. Gymnastics

  44. I run. we have a love, hate relationship. I just ran the St. George Utah marathon, so now that the hardcore training is over, we are on love status again!

  45. I love going on runs by myself where I can just listen to music and think about things while getting a really good sweat!

  46. Zumba baby! Currently doing Turbo Fire but I really want to get the Brazilian Butt Lift workout dvds!! ha

  47. Zumba baby!! I am currently doing Turbo Fire but I really want the Brazilian Butt Lift dvds! ha

  48. I love to run. I’m not the best, but I always enjoy trying to get better at it.

  49. Ranae Schwindt says:

    Zumba and run on treadmill :)

  50. I love to lift weights and do yoga!

  51. I have a couple exercise machines that I’m always on. I always feel better after working out! I’m very thankful for a healthy body too.

  52. My favorite is spinning

  53. Walking, but I don’t get to do it as often as I should!

  54. I walk 4 to 5 miles every day, and do some work with the weight machine every other day. I enjoy the walking–the weights, not so much.

    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  55. I love doing a routine of jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups…in the morning with my 2 year old who thinks it is so fun to exercise together and is quite fun watching him try to do the same thing.

  56. I am training for a half marathon!!! I love to run

  57. cleaning my house!

  58. I walk and play Disc Golf for exercise.

  59. Running & biking!

  60. i didn’t know you did ballet, jazz and tap…….next time we are all dancing in the kitchen the girls want to see your moves!!!

  61. Running is the best. My thighs have never been so small:)

  62. Zumba!

  63. Running!

  64. I like going on walks and exercise videos.

  65. Running but this rain and dark mornings are getting me down!

  66. Melanie Kimball says:

    Need new shoes for the gym!

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