Key Lime & Coconut Cream Pushpops & a Duncan Hines Sweet Treat Giveaway!


My site got a little makeover over the weekend ! Do you like?  I’m loving the fresh, clean look! I’ve still got some tidying up to do but once that’s all done I’ll go over some of the new features with you:) But for today I’ve got a fun recipe and a fun little giveaway for you….

My friends at Duncan Hines sent me some samples of their new Spring Frosting Flavor Creations Mix-ins–Key Lime Pie, Peaches and Creme, Fruit Punch, and Pink Lemonade.  Have you tried any of their mix-ins before? They have some pretty fun flavors and make it super easy to take a normal cake (or cupcakes) and add some fun flavor to them.  Can’t you just see kids going crazy for Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade flavored frosting piled high on a cupcake? Every kids’ favorite drink flavors in a cupcake!

I tried all four of the new spring flavors and my favorite was definitely the Key Lime Pie.


I used it to whip up these fun Key Lime & Coconut Cream Pushpops that are just perfect for spring.  They have that taste of warmer weather we’re all ready for right now.  They kind of whisk away to the tropics with each bite:)

Wilton provided me with a Whoopie Pie Pan and the pushpop set that made these super easy to make! I used a Classic Yellow Cake Mix to make the cake layers, and in between the cake is layers of sweet coconut cream cheese filling, topped with the Key Lime Pie frosting and little bit of toasted coconut.


These spring flavors are available for a limited time only so scoot on off to the store to find some! And stay tuned for some more fun {and I mean really fun} with Duncan Hines!

Key Lime & Coconut Cream Pushpops
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  1. 1 pkg Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix (along with water, oil and eggs required on package instructions)
  2. 1 can Duncan Hines frosting creations Frosting Starter
  3. 1 packet Duncan Hines frosting creations Key Lime Pie flavor mix in
  4. 1 (8 0z) package cream cheese, soft
  5. 1 1/2 tsp coconut extract
  6. 3 tbsp sugar
  7. 1/2 cup shredded coconut, toasted
  8. 12 Plastic Pushpop container
  1. Preheat oven to 325. Spread shredded coconut out evenly on a cookie sheet and bake for 5-8 minutes or until golden (do not burn). Remove coconut and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, combine cake mix, water, oil and eggs. Spoon a heaping teaspoon into each slot of the Wilton whoopie pie tin. Bake for 9-10 minutes. Remove mini cakes from pan and let cool. (You need 36 mini cakes to make the pushpops, but I like to have a few extra to work with. One cake mix will make over 46 mini cakes.)
  3. In another bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Beat in sugar and coconut extract.
  4. Mix the Key Lime Pie frosting flavor creation packet into the Duncan Hines frosting flavor Starter Frosting.
  5. To assemble, place a cake layer at the bottom of each pushpop container and pipe a layer of coconut cream cheese filling on top. Duplicate another cake layer and another layer of cream cheese. Top with another cake layer then pipe the Duncan Hines Key Lime Pie frosting on top. (You'll end up with three cake layers, two cream cheese layers, and one Key Lime Frosting Layer on top). Sprinkle toasted coconut on the top of each pushpop.
  1. **with any extra mini cakes and frosting you can make some tasty mini whoopie pies!!
Sweet Treats & More

Now for the giveaway!!  Duncan Hines & Wilton want to give one reader everything they need to try the new spring Frosting Creations Flavor Mix-ins and whip up some fun treats with them! This Sweet Treats Giveaway includes:


-       4 Duncan Hines cake mixes

-       4 Duncan Hines frosting creation starters

-       4 Duncan Hines frosting creations limited edition flavors: Pink Lemonade, Key Lime, Peaches and Crème, and Fruit Punch

-       Wilton 6 ct Treat Pop containers

-       Wilton Mini Whoopie Pie Pan

-       Wilton Pearlized Jimmies

-       “The Pastry Chef’s Companion” by Glenn Rinsky

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Disclosure: Duncan Hines provided product and compensation for this post, however all opinions and photos are my own. 


  1. Allison A says:

    Peaches and Creme

  2. Key lime, I am obsessed with everything of that flavor!

  3. These look fantastic and the site looks even better! I love it and the name looks just like a cute little sweets shop.

  4. I’d like to try the pink lemonade flavor. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  5. I LOVE key lime!

  6. I want to try key lime!

  7. Angela Guerrisi says:

    I’m ready to try the Key Lime Pie Mix in!

  8. I think the Key Lime sounds yummy!

  9. I will have to try the peaches and cream flavor as soon as I see it! I have never seen the little whoopie pie pan–adorable!!

  10. April Lopez says:

    Berry please.

  11. I love push pops. Ive seen them for sale at stores now which is great. Now i dont have to order them anymore. They are cute portion control too

  12. Carmela C. says:

    I would love to try the Pink Lemondade.

  13. Right now I am thinking the Key Lime flavor but there are so MANY to pick from…how is a girl to make up her mind!!!

  14. cinnamin bun

  15. This sounds yummy good!! Peaches and Cream is for me!

  16. Sarah O. says:

    White chocolate raspberry sounds amazing!

  17. key lime!

  18. Love the new site look :) Fresh & perfect for spring!

  19. HeatherP says:

    I am excited to try the peaches and cream.

  20. These are so pretty! I LOVE that Key Lime flavor! And your blog is gorgeous!

  21. Pink Lemonade

  22. What a fun and fresh make over!!! I love how it all looks!!! Sounds like such a fun giveaway…I really need that mini whoopie pie pan!!!

  23. I would like Peaches and Creme, but I’d probably use Fruit Punch for my husband because he LOVES Fruit Punch.

  24. Cody Anderson says:

    I am excited to try the Fruit Punch flavor.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Yum, there are so many possibilities with pink lemonade!

  26. Pink Lemonade

  27. All of them sound awesome! But I’d first want to try Pink Lemonade.

  28. dannjean colley says:

    Pink lemonade! :0)

  29. dannjean colley says:

    Pink lemonade! :0)

  30. Peaches and creme!!

  31. Peaches and Creme sounds delicious!

  32. Strawberry Shortcake sounds yummy!

  33. I would like the Pink Lemonade.

  34. Stacey B. says:

    Key Lime Pie.

  35. the key lime sounds amazing!

  36. Peaches and cream would be the first one on my list!

  37. Key lime for sure!

  38. Pink lemonade for sure!

  39. I want to try Pink Lemonade!

  40. Elizabeth S. says:

    Peaches and Crème sounds delicious!

  41. Heather Goodman says:

    KEY LIME & PEACHES & CREAM!!!!! Sounds so yummy!!!

  42. Holy cow!! Your site is stunning my dear!! And these push pops are so stinking cute!

  43. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Pink lemonade!

  44. I can’t wait to try the peaches and cream!!

  45. Dani O'Rourke says:

    I can’t wait to try Key lime! I am so excited :)

  46. Beverly Frueh says:

    Peaches&Cream and Key Lime are my favorite flavors.

  47. I would love to make these cake pops. Have yet to try the key lime flavor.

  48. Sieglinde Foley says:

    I am hoping to find all things needed, where does one get a whoopie pie pan…The rest I know I can locate…Love new and innovative flavor ideas to delight my family and friends…Keep them coming :)

  49. Key lime = yum!

  50. All sound good, but I’ll pick Peaches and creme.

  51. They all sound wonderful. Key lime would be the first to try :)

  52. Key lime!! :)

  53. These are adorable Kristy!!!


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