Chewy Coconut Cookies {Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap}

Chewy Coconut Cookies 1

I made these cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap of 2013, a virtual charitable cookie exchange whose proceeds go to Cookies for Kids Cancer.  If you’re not familiar with the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap you can read all about it here.

Basically, bloggers around the world pay a small fee to join the swap then send a dozen cookies to three different bloggers (assigned at random).  And three different bloggers send you a dozen cookies.  Needless to say, I’ve consumed a lot of scrumptious cookies lately:) 

619 bloggers participated this year (from eight different countries) and what’s really incredible is several great brands–OXO, Dixie Crystals, Gold Medal Flour, and Grandma’s Mollasses matched what the bloggers earned (in terms of entry fee and extra donations) dollar for dollar up to $3,ooo per brand.  Together we raised over $13,000 for Cookies for Kids Cancer.  Amazing right?!



These Chewy Coconut Cookies are a really simple cookie.  My mom shared the recipe with me a few weeks ago, they’re a new favorite of my dads.  The only thing that keeps them from being so incredibly boring is a nice touch of coconut.  Think soft and chewy, buttery, coconutty sugar cookies.  

Sometimes I think I need to make the next craziest, most unique cookie.  Loaded with a variety of chocolate chips or stuffed with something fun and crazy.  And then I eat one of these simple coconut cookies and am reminded how much I like simple, classic cookies.  

Chew Coconut Cookies | Sweet Treats and More

BUT, if you want to get a little crazy, give them a drizzle of chocolate.  The chocolate lover in me couldn’t resist and it still keeps them simple. Yum yum!

Chewy Coconut Cookies | Sweet Treats and More

Chewy Coconut Cookies
  1. 1 cup butter (or coconut oil)
  2. 1 1/2 cups sugar
  3. 2 tsp vanilla
  4. 2 eggs
  5. 3 cups flour
  6. 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  7. 1/2 tsp salt
  8. 1/2 - 3/4 cup shredded coconut
  9. Addition sugar to roll the cookies in
  10. Chocolate chips (optional for melting and drizzling over the cookies)
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Sift flour, powder and salt together and set aside. Beat the butter, sugar, vanilla and eggs together until creamy. Fold dry ingredients into the wet mixture. Lastly, fold in the coconut.
  3. Roll dough into one-inch balls then roll in the sugar. Place on cookie sheets lined with parchment and bake for 8 minutes and remove and let cool.
  4. If desired melt chocolate chips and drizzle over the cookies.
  1. recipe from my mom's friend Jolene!
Sweet Treats & More


  1. Xenaxahid says

    Since you bake these rolled into balls I’m guessing these flatten during the baking? Ive never made coconut cookies so just wondering … your description sounds divine and so I absolutely must make these ASAP!

  2. says

    Those look so yummy! I don’t think I’ve ever had a coconut cookie but I am obsessed with coconut cake, so I’m sure I’d love these!! :) Great pick for the swap

  3. says

    These look great. Do you think the recipe would work with toasted coconut, too? [I loves me some toasted coconut.]

    I made Soft-Baked Gingersnap Molasses Cookies, 3 Ways for my Cookie Swap recipe. First timer, but I can’t wait to do it again next year. Happy baking!

  4. Karen says

    I made these yesterday. They were ok. The batter is really dry and crumbly. But the cookies managed to stay together. Mine were not flat like in the pic either. I baked at 350. I figured that was safe temp since it wasn’t listed in the above recipe.

  5. christie says

    This sounds and looks amazing. What type if sugar do you use in order to make them soft and chewy? Thank you and kind regards, christie

  6. Kesiah says

    Batter is too dry and crumbly, did anyone else experience this? I’m afraid it won’t make decent cookies, but I don’t want to throw it away either.

    • Rachel says

      @Kesiah @Tiffany

      This happened to me as well – but the dough felt like sugar cookie dough except without having to roll out and cut cookies. You have to really go in there (I use my clean hands) and make sure the flour is incorporated with the mix and it’ll be less dry and crumbly. At least that’s what worked for me. Hopefully this will help someone out in the future.

      Also as @Xenaxahid commented earlier, mine didn’t spread out flat either in baking when I rolled into balls. So after the first batch, for the remaining batches, I rolled into a ball and then flattened them a bit into disks. My dough seemed to rise a bit so they were still a bit round on top, but were at least more “spread out” that way by manually flattening them a bit. Unless I just did something wrong recipe wise that cause the dough not to spread? I didn’t refrigerate the dough either which I would normally do if I don’t want it to spread. The butter was not completely softened either. Maybe that was the culprit…

      They were delicious though! Will add more coconut or maybe roll them in coconut instead – for me, the more coconut, the better! Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Melissa says

    Should the butter be softened before mixing? Did you use butter or coconut oil? Just wondering because I want to use the exact ingredients you used to obtain the white color of the cookie in the picture.


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