$500 Whole Foods Giveaway!

Whole Foods Giveaway PicToday’s giveaway is another shopping spree!  But this one is for groceries at one of my favorite stores, Whole Foods Market!  Celebrate Spring with lots of fresh produce.  A Whole Foods Store finally opened up near me and I can’t wait to start shopping there.  And seriously, who couldn’t use $500 worth of groceries.  

Good luck and happy shopping to one of you! 

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  1. I feel the food that Whole Foods has to offer of the best quality.
    They are good for you and they have the best products.
    I would love to shop there.

  2. Love Whole Foods. Only place i can find some of the Healthy Organic items I use

  3. I could totally use this giveaway! I don’t do all my shopping at Whole Foods but I do a lot there. I love the quality of the produce and some items that are hard to find elsewhere. They have a great sense of what should be offered. Congrats to the winner–even if not me! Thanks!!

  4. I love Whole Foods, especially their fresh foods section! $500 would go so far there!

  5. Best. Giveaway. Everrrr!!! :) :)

  6. Jessica W says:

    I’ll be honest…I’ve never shopped at Whole Foods. I’ve always had the idea that it is a store for health nuts and rich folks. But I’d love to go for the fresh produce!

  7. I love Whole Foods! They have great produce and great prepared foods in the deli. My kids love it too!

  8. I want to shop at Whole Foods for the good produce and fun foods.

  9. I want to shop at Whole Foods because it has the best produce and bakery section!

  10. RANDI COOK says:

    I love shopping at Whole Foods! Huge selection of organic everything! And GMO free! Best food you could feed your family!

  11. I like their produce and specialty foods!

  12. Martha Wilson says:

    I have never shopped at a Whole Foods Store but have heard lots about their produce and specialty food section. It would be great to win a $500 gift card to their store. They have items that are hard to find in other stores.

  13. Heather G. says:

    Our family is Gluten free. Whole Foods has SAVED me. A bit harder on the budget but so worth it! BEST PRODUCE EVER! Eating whole foods and gluten free would be a lot harder with out Whole Foods!

  14. I would get their salad bar every day!

  15. I love the quality and selection of their produce!

  16. Wow, this is awesome, love what they carry.

  17. I love finding new and different produce at Whole Foods. And their spice bins!

  18. Rachel Cartucci says:

    I always make good and healthy choices when I shop at Whole Foods. They have the best selections…..and I leave the store feeling really good about myself.

  19. I love the quality meat and produce at whole foods and they have a great bakery, baby section and prepared foods section as well!

  20. i want to check out the produce, find out if organic meat really IS better, and just try some of the interesting items that Whole Foods has!

  21. Gillian Marquet says:

    I love Whole foods wide variety of organics, it is hard to find that great variety where I live and making a special trip to whole foods is such a treat

  22. I so like to go to Whole Foods. It is just fun to shop there while checking out all the different and interesting item. This is a fantastic giveaway….what fun it would be to spend $500 at Whole Food….awesome!

  23. Love Whole Foods…and I can’t wait until the one they are building in my home town is finished!

  24. I would like to shop at Whole Foods because I hear that they have wonderful produce.

  25. Suzanne J.P. says:

    We are finally getting a Whole Foods; better than a regular grocery and more good foods to enjoy to cook with!

  26. Cooking healthy and organic for my family of four is expensive so this would help out the budget. I LOVE WHOLE FOODS, best healthy food around!!

  27. as a college student on a nearly full scholarship, it is hard to eat anything that is not on my mealplan. My diet is far too often grilled cheese and french fries, and I would love an opportunity to purchase some organic fruits, veggies and meats:)

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