5 Days of Gratitude Giveaways: Day 3

I’m grateful for my talents. Some of them have come naturally, some I’ve worked really hard at, and many, I’m still developing and working on. 
There’s a whole list of things I’m not good at and there’s a whole bunch of things I want to be better at. And it’s just way too easy to get caught up in what everyone else is good at or does better than I do.  But I’m trying to steer clear of  that depressing stuff and trying to embrace the talents I have been blessed with, share them and continue to develop them….
Because dang it, I make some good cookies.  

And I’ll slowly tackle that list of things I want to be good at someday….

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  1. says

    stop it. you are good at everything kristy- ESPECIALLY being a mom! you’re the best mom. i am pretty good at making cookies too :) and really unhealthy food like alfredo pasta 😉 hehe

  2. says

    I’m decent at throwing a bunch of random stuff in a pan and it coming out as deliciousness that my children gobble up. It’s very strange actually.

  3. Jan says

    Everyone always tells me they love my cooking and baking! Also a very good listener and what someone tells me it stays private!

  4. says

    I don’t know that I am what people would consider talented. I am an RN/Mother of 5 and Grandmother of 6. I guess my greatest strength is in my care-giving abilities, both medically and maternally.

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