Chocolate Covered Witches’ Wands

Do witches even have wands? Let’s pretend they do in the spirit of Halloween.  I needed a quick & easy Halloween treat to take to our neighbors, so these were perfect.  However, I’m still finding black and orange sprinkles all over my counters and floor.  Hopefully you aren’t as messy in the kitchen as me.
(please ignore the upside down Halloween paper. Seriously, I’m struggling over here.)

I wish I could say my camera was working again, but it’s not.  It too, is in the shop:(  These pics come to you from the good ‘ol blackberry.  

Chocolate Covered Witches’ Wands
1 bag pretzel rods
4-6 cubes almond bark, melted
black and orange Halloween sprinkles
wax paper
You know the drill: melt chocolate, dip pretzel, sprinkle, let cool on wax paper.
**If you want a double dipped wand, spread peanut butter around one end of the pretzel rod, cool in freezer for 10 minutes, then dip in the chocolate. So yum. I did about half of my pretzels this way.

My husband and I still don’t have our costumes ready.  But in case you were wondering what our little person is going to be for Halloween….here he is. 
Have a Happy Halloween!!


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