Banana Cream Yogurt Parfaits

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I’m headed down to Moab, Utah this morning for a girls weekend!  I’m going with two of my girlfriends, and we are all celebrating turning 30 in the last few months.  We’ll be hiking, lounging pool side, relaxing, and of course, eating (I’m bringing the junk food!). Should be the perfect weekend! 

Before we hit the road I had to share these tasty Banana Cream Yogurt Parfaits.  Layers of banana pudding, vanilla greek yogurt, fresh banana slices and crunchy granola.  

Pretty dreamy right???

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Or in other words….just another craving of mine.  If you get sick of me talking about my pregnancy cravings, I’m sorry.  They are 100% driving what shows up on the blog.  I promise not to share the weird ones. 

These little parfaits are kind of a mix between a breakfast food and dessert.  Banana pudding isn’t usually something I’d eat for breakfast.  However, once mixed with thick and creamy greek yogurt, bananas and granola, it seems to be perfectly acceptable for breakfast.  Or you can call it a healthier dessert.  Take your pick.  Or you can eat them all day long like me! 

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Banana Cream Yogurt Parfaits
  1. 1 small box banana instant pudding
  2. 2 cups cold milk
  3. 14 oz vanilla greek yogurt (or plain greek yogurt)
  4. 2-3 bananas, sliced
  5. 2 cups granola
  1. In a medium bowl whisk banana pudding mix with 2 cups cold milk. Refrigerate until set up.
  2. Layer the ingredients in small parfait glasses or cups in the following order (repeat until glass is full)
  3. -granola
  4. -banana slices
  5. -banana pudding
  6. -vanilla greek yogurt
  7. Top the parfait off with a sprinkle of granola and banana slices.
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