Oh Baby Giveaway!


Is it just me or does springtime mean babies galore??? Three of my blogger friends had babies in the last few weeks! Must be something in the water I think.... ;) I couldn't be more excited to wish a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Alyssa (The Recipe Critic), Nikki (Chef in Training) and Elyse (Six Sisters Stuff)! To celebrate with these beautiful gals, a whole bunch of amazing bloggers and myself … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake


Hi there! I'm Jen from Yummy Healthy Easy and I'm super excited to be here with you today, sharing one of my favorite breakfast recipes! I'm the mom to four boys, who are usually hungry. :) One of my favorite traditions, is making something great for breakfast on the weekends. When I was growing up, my mom always made something special for breakfast just about every weekend. One of her famous … [Read more...]

Orange Cranberry Superfood Salad {with Orange-Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette}


Happy Monday friends! Only four more days of hotel living! I'm anxious to get back into a normal eating routine of prepping and cooking my own meals. I've been "vacation eating" for the last ten days and I think my body hates me.   Last week however,  I made this super simple, superfood salad for lunch because I was just craving something green, something clean!  After hitting … [Read more...]

GNO at Chick-fil-A


Last year, I hosted a girls night out at Chick-fil-A.  My friends and I had such a great time that I did it again this year! I love the food, my kids love the food, and my girlfriends love the food too.  When we need a little mom break, Chik-fil-A is the place we  run to, let the kids play for a while and enjoy a diet coke or lemonade with a hearty salad.  Not … [Read more...]

Chicken BLT Salad with Parmesan Crusted Fried Avocados

chicken-blt-salad-with-fried-avocados-recipe-sweettreatsmore.com title main.jpg

Well, we made it to San Diego!!  We're living in a hotel for a couple of weeks until our house is ready to move into, but we're here.  It feels like we are just on vacation. It's hard to believe we actually live here now.   I wonder if it will ever not feel like a vacation?  I will say, staying in a hotel with a four-year old and two-year old for two weeks (while … [Read more...]

Banana Cream Pie M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies


I am so excited to be on Sweet Treats & More! You may not know this but not only have Kristy and I been living down the street from each other for a few years, but we happen to be great friends as well. Her recipes are crazy delicious and their friendship means the world to us. So, I offered to do a little guest post while they are trying to get settled into a new life in California, but what … [Read more...]

5 Easy Breakfast Ideas using Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads!


Why is it everything tastes better with PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese spread on it?  I've tried to think of something, anything, that wouldn't taste good with cream cheese on it but I can't come up with anything.  It pairs with sweet dishes, savory dishes, snacks...I think I'd put it on anything.   With 24 flavors to chose from there are so many ways to create new food … [Read more...]

Hot Tamale Brownies


I should really call these, "Drown Your Sorrows in Chocolate, Brownies." Because reality is sinking in that we are actually moving.  To San Diego. This Friday.  Leaving our house that I love, in the quiet neighborhood I'm so comfortable with, and leaving some of the most special friends and family we've grown close to over the last eight years living in Utah.   I've been … [Read more...]

MIRACLE WHIP Kale & Apple Potato Salad

Kale Apple & Potato Salad main

 This post is sponsored by Kraft Foods.  All opinions are my own.  Memorial Day is just around the corner! Which means, it's time for barbecues and back yard parties! We'll most likely spend the day getting ready to move, but we will be enjoying  good food at some point!  I love Memorial Day because it seems to be the official kick off to summer!   This summer will … [Read more...]

Banana Cream Caramel Cheesecake Dip

easy-banana-cream-pie-cheese-dip-recipe-sweettreatsmore.com main

It's always a little weird explaining to people what my job is.  Writing a food blog. Taking pictures of food.  Sharing recipes with people online. Some people look at me like I'm crazy, it's confusing to some, and some people think it's awesome.  Telling people that I attended a food blogger's conference in Miami, Florida gets me more of those crazy looks.   But that's … [Read more...]