Fluffernutter Quesadillas

Fluffernutter Quesadillas main.jpg

Fact: Kristy loves peanut butter.  Fact: Kristy loves peanut butter + marshmallow (aka fluffernutter).  Fact: Kristy has been eating one fluffernutter quesadilla every day for the last week!  Probably a fact but she's too afraid to check: Kristy has gained five pounds!!  Seriously though, this is a dangerously addicting snack...or dessert...or whatever you want … [Read more...]

Avocado & Feta Stuffed Strawberries

Avocado & Feta Stuffed Strawberries

Happy St. Patty's Day! No pinching here, today's recipe does have green it it!  Lately, my go-to salad consists of a little bit of romaine lettuce, loaded with tons of avocados, strawberries, and feta cheese.  All drizzled in a little bit of balsamic vinegar.  I find myself picking out all of the avocado, berries, and feta, and leaving most of the lettuce behind.  So instead … [Read more...]

No Bake Cookie Banana Bites

Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookie Banana Bites || Sweet Treats and More

No Bake cookies have always been one of my favorite treats! Probably because of the combination of chocolate and peanut butter (I almost always add a little extra peanut butter.)  I have a not so healthy version  you can try, and a healthier version to try too.  Both are delicious, and addicting, and my go-to for a quick treat.   Over the weekend I decided to whip … [Read more...]

Dutch Baby Pancakes with Brown-Sugar Greek Yogurt and Strawberries

Dutch Baby Pancakes with Brown Sugar Greek Yogurt and Strawberries title

Dutch babies, have you had 'em?  They're light and fluffy and a fun spin on pancakes! And so, so good.  Definitely erring on the side of dessert for breakfast.  Nothing wrong with that though:)  Like most things I share here, these are simple and ready in 30 minutes.  Usually breakfast for me takes an entire two minutes to prep and two minutes to eat.  But these … [Read more...]

Lucky Charms Blizzard

Lucky Charms Blizzard || Sweet Treats and More

If you love eating a bowl of Lucky Charms Cereal with milk, then you will looooove this Lucky Charms Blizzard!  It's a quick and easy treat to make for St. Patrick's Day!  I'm not big into going crazy with green on St. Patrick's Day.  My kids aren't old enough to appreciate it.  But they do love Lucky Charms Cereal, so I thought I could at least buy a box of it this month. … [Read more...]

Rainbow Sprinkle Cheesecake Cookies

Rainbow Sprinkle Cheesecake Cookies || Sweet Treats and More

I think kids will eat anything if it's got sprinkles in it, or on it.  I've been pouring sprinkles in a small bowl of greek yogurt, slicing up some fruit, and calling it fruit dip.  My kids got nuts for it.  I of course have to keep pouring in sprinkles, because really, that's all they are after- the bright, colorful, little specks of SUGAR! But I figure hey, they're getting some … [Read more...]

BBQ Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Egg

BBQ Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Egg || Sweet Treats and More

This simple sweet potato hash with fried egg is perfect for breakfast, or brunch, or even brinner.  We've been having breakfast for dinner a lot lately, and this was a favorite last week.  Sweet potatoes pan fried 'til crispy, tossed with black beans, and topped with a fried egg.   You know how I go through food phases?  Well I've circled back to sweet potatoes.  Seriously … [Read more...]

Mint & Mustard Painted Succulent Pots + {Free} Happy Spring Printable


Today I'm taking a little break from food and my {new} friend Katie from The Casual Craftlete is here to share a fun craft with you, it should get you excited for Spring.  Katie's site is full of fun and simple how to's and crafts, even recipes.  I am seriously in love with her Anthro Inspired Pom Pom Pens!! Anyway, here's … [Read more...]

Creamy Corn & Quinoa Chowder

Creamy Corn and Quinoa Chowder || Sweet Treats and More

Owen has been asking me for weeks when it's going to be summer again.  And lately, we've been having 50 degree, spring-like weather (sorry for those of you still buried in snow).  So we've all been running around with no coat, Owen's wearing shorts and a t-shirt every day, and so excited summer is here.  That's what he thinks....that summer is here.  He's in for a rude … [Read more...]

Strawberry Banana Green Sunrise Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Green Sunrise Smoothie || Sweet Treats and More

Life lately has consisted of lots of early mornings thanks to my 20 month old who won't sleep in past six am!  To think I used to wake up at five every morning to exercise boggles me.  The thought actually makes me a little nauseous.  And I looked forward to it?  What happened to that girl?   One thing I do look forward to when I wake up that early now is breakfast. … [Read more...]