Oven Baked Blue Cheese & Cheddar Sweet Potato Rounds

Blue Cheese & Cheddar Sweet Potato Rounds-7

I've realized my taste for certain foods has changed since I've been married.  I like onions.  I like buffalo wings.  Cherry-dipped vanilla cones are growing on me.  And I really like blue cheese.  All things I never liked and never ate before I married Brett.  All things he loves.  I don't think I even tried blue cheese before I was married because the … [Read more...]

Chicken, Grape & Blue Cheese Salad

We just got back from Colorado last night and as I'm sure you can agree, the worst thing about going out of town is coming home to lots of laundry and no food in the house. When it comes to unpacking and doing the laundry, I'm a little anal about getting it done immediately-- I think it drives my husband nuts.  All he wants to do is sit down and relax and I'm huffing and puffing around … [Read more...]