We Love Ice Cream {and an Ice Cream Giveaway!}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Unilever Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% my own! (And you know I love ice cream!)

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When you’re asked to have an ice cream tasting party in the middle of the sumer, I’m just not sure you can say no.  Right?  It’s July, it’s hot, I have an ice-cream obsessed three year old, who has an ice cream obsessed mom (oh hey that’s me!).  So yeah, we were super excited to have an ice cream party with some friends over the weekend, tasting a slew of Unilever ice cream treats!  It was a typical hot July evening and ice cream was just what we needed while we enjoyed an evening outside. Ice Cream Party4 We got six varieites of ice cream (you should have seen us at the store)! We had more ice cream than we knew what to do with.  Scratch that, the kiddos knew exactly what to do….try them all!  From popsicles, to rich and chocolatey ice cream bars, we were all on a sugar high:) Owen and some of his buddies loved the Popsicle Marvel Heroes pack variety.  Hulk, iron man, and super man themed popsicles?  Duh.  Every three year old loves super hero anything right now right?

And Miles loved them too…Ice Cream Party2

I loved the Fruttare Banana bars, they’re creamy and taste light and refreshing.  But the Breyers S’mores Blasts Ice Cream and Good Humor Reese’s Ice Cream Cups were right up my alley too, and I may have had one too many bowls of the s’mores ice cream.  Chocolate always wins for me!  

photo (24)

Brett’s favorites were the Magnum Ice Cream Mini Caramel Bars, and one of Owen’s little buddies ate two, so I guess he was a big fan as well. Those babies are rich! The Klondike Heath Bars were also a favorite of Brett’s. 

ice cream collage

Like I said, the kids tried them all and I got Owen on video enjoying a Frutarre Banana bar…well, kind of.  I think he was ice creamed out by this point!

 So, are you hungry for ice cream yet?  Which ones do you want to try? How about ALL of them?! 

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a box of each! Winner will be randomly selected July 26th! 


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  1. Laura C. says

    We LOVE the Magnum bars but there are several of the others shown above that I’ve been dying to try! Would love to win this awesome giveaway – just in time for the heat wave!

  2. Elizabeth B. says

    Magnum has always been my favorite! It reminds me of my childhood in Europe. When they introduced them in the States a couple years ago, it was a dream come true!

  3. David says

    I grew up with popsicles and Klondikes, but I have had my eye on the
    Magnums since I saw them at Target a few months back. They have a mini
    version that is like a bite sized ice cream candy bar

  4. Amy McFarland says

    Ohhhhh, those Magnum bars are decadent. Klondike bars were a great treat when I was a child. Yummmm!! My children and I would love this, especially on a 95 degree day like today.

  5. Judy says

    Moving to Gulf Coast Texas was an epic change for us after growing up near Pittsburgh, PA and spending 6 years in the Twin Cities (MN). After 6.5 years, we’re still not used to the constant heat and overwhelming humidity. In other words, it’s ALWAYS a good time for ice cream in TX (middle of July or under the Christmas tree)! The only ones who love ice cream more than myself and my husband are our 5-year-old and our [almost] 2-year-old! Thank you so much for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  6. Cami says

    I love any Klondike bars. I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to get one of those.

  7. Brooke T. says

    L. O. V. E. LOVE LOVE ice cream!!! That’s what takes me the longest amount of time at the store! Picking out what flavor to try!

  8. Marysue says

    I am totally addicted to Magnum Bars…specifically the mocha. As fas as ice cream, you can’t beat Breyer’s vanilla bean…so like homemade but better! Just send me a truckload! ;0)

  9. barbara n says

    Baby it’s hot outside….I could really use some ice cream!!! My favorite is magnum ice cream bars!

  10. Kelly says

    We are big ice cream lovers here too! Texas is way too hot to not eat ice cream all summer! We also love the Frutare bars, but we also enjoy trying new kinds!

  11. Nancy Driscoll says

    C’mon & make my day !!!! I absolutely love any kind of ice cream…it’s my worst nightmare. My tongue sure gets hot being outside delivering the mail all day !!!!

  12. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh that picture of Miles is so precious!!! We really love the Magnum bars…but that Breyers Blast Smores Icecream looks amazing! And I cant wait to try the new Frutares!

  13. Kelly Jo says

    I have yet to try Magnums but they look so good. I have some Caramel Pretzel Klondikes in my freezer right now which are super yummy. Those banana Fruttare bars sound good too, now I really want some ice cream!

  14. Mary says

    We are such big ice cream lovers. And have been wanting to try those Magnums for so long! And we always like frozen fruit treats! And free makes everything better!

  15. Christine H says

    Ice cream treats don’t last long at our house….and I’m usually the reason why. LOVE the stuff!

  16. Corie Gibson says

    Ok my guilty pleasure are Oreo Klondike Bars. I seriously buy them and hid them from the kids. SO GOOD!!!

  17. Jennai says

    We all love Ice Cream here, so this would be a super cool prize to win! I’d like to try the Fruttare as I have never tried it before and it looks good!
    JenniferAnne74 @ aol.com

  18. Susan Christy says

    It has been such a hot summer – ice cream weather, for sure. Would love to try the Klondike Reese’s PB Cup – sounds delicious!

  19. Brianna says

    Oh man! I love ice cream. Those mini magnum treats sound good, especially because they are mini and I don’t have to feel bad about eating more than be, right? But that s’mores ice cream looks good too. Have seen it in the store and debated buying it, but now I want to!

  20. sharonjo says

    Ice cream and summer–and kids! They just go together. I’d love to try those Magnum Minis. Thanks for the chance.

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